We are who we are longing for.  The Learning Village co-creates space to be connected with your own wisdom and the wisdom of others.

Honouring the many ways of knowing, this is a rich community of learning through sharing and exchange that contributes to the development of humans, organizational systems, and community.

The Learning Village is about remembering – reawakened, connected, and inspired.

Building bridges in service of – ‘we are all one’. Reconciling our Nation.

One bridge is built so you can understand me.
Another bridge is built so I can understand you.
The third bridge is built together, moving forward as one.

Finding and loving the spaces between what was, what is, and what is to be.
Our Learning Village, Building Bridges, and Wholeness/Wellness/Healing pillars are for everyone.  Our Co-creating Community and Capacity pillar is for our Indigenous people.  This space is for the work of Indigenous people, in their way, in their land.

The wisdom is in nature, in the land, and in community.  We acknowledge that - gathering and co-creating space for that wisdom to be remembered, revered, embraced, and valued.   Imagine that wisdom free and emerging - transforming into action.

In your traditional territory - Raven honours the way of moving in community while contributing to uniting people, strengthening community, and building capacity to equip us for modern times.
Raven takes a holistic approach to systems change and wholeness, healing, and wellness are all part of that system change.  We are all whole, we are all connected, we are all one.

Raven creates space to
honour and love ourselves and each other as human beings – emotional, spiritual, physical, and mental.  Discovering ourselves, discovering our wholeness – a journey of the 7 directions – north, south, west, east, above, below, and inside.

Rooted in humility and in the remembering of our wholeness, we find new hope for our collective future.