The Learning Village is about remembering – reawakened, connected, and inspired.

  • Leadership Development Program Design.  Build Leaders AT ALL LEVELS.  Let's discover what kind of leadership program is right for your organization.
  • Organizational inquiry
  • Leadership interviews, assessments, and audits
  • Leadership development planning and programming
  • Leadership curriculum design and delivery
  • Measure Leadership competencies
  • Emerging Leader Programming
  • The Leadership Challenge Workshop, Assessments, and Coaching
  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator ® (MBTI ®) Workshops and Facilitation
  • Total SDI Workshop Facilitation
  • World Café and Fishbowl Facilitation


Building bridges in service of – ‘we are all one’. Reconciling our Nation.
One bridge is built so you can understand me. Another bridge is built so I can understand you.The third bridge is built together, moving forward as one. Finding and loving the spaces between what was, what is, and what is to be.

  • Canada’s History through an Indigenous Lens Workshop
  • Designing and Delivering  unique programs for improved Indigenous relations and Reconciliation Efforts
  • Circle and the Box Workshop Facilitation


Raven honours the way of moving in community while contributing to uniting people, strengthening community, and building capacity to equip us for modern times.

  • Strategic Planning
  • Indigenous Business Mentorship, Coaching, and Support
  • Support the mobilization of industry and partnership networks in advancing Indigenous job opportunities in aviation and aerospace
  • Co-created, emergent inquiry processes for effective wisdom collection
  • Hosting space for dialogue around things that matter and to lift each other through connection and story
  • Negotiation and Mediation
  • PhD Student Research
  • Indigenous Scholars Network
  • RavenSPEAK


 Raven creates space to honour and love ourselves and each other as human beings – emotional, spiritual, physical, and mental.  Discovering ourselves, discovering our wholeness – a journey of the 7 directions – north, south, west, east, above, below, and inside.

Rooted in humility and in the remembering of our wholeness, we find new hope for our collective future.
  • Workshops on Trauma, Intergenerational Trauma and Resilience
  • AboriginalFocusing Oriented Therapy in Complex Trauma (AFOT)
  • Warriorship Workshops and Coaching
  • Restorative Justice Dialogue Facilitation
  • Executive Coaching for Leaders
  • Coaching 


Raven SPEAK is a learning space, speaker showcase event, and Indigenous Speakers Hub.  Raven SPEAK is where Indigenous leaders and storytellers are visible, masterful, amplified, and connected. 

Where stories are told, truths are unearthed, voices are heard, and a new narrative begins.  Together we will elevate the compelling voices, vital messages, and remarkable profiles of Indigenous peoples.